Top tips for choosing picture splashbacks in Dublin Ireland

Here are few tips that you could consider before selecting your picture splashbacks:

Selecting the theme for your kitchen splashbacks

Interior designers will tell you the importance of complementary designs for your indoors. A lot depends on your colour and pattern choices when you consider installing picture splashbacks.

A good combination can considerably elevate the overall look of your kitchen, while a bad choice can ruin it altogether. As installing a splashback is not an easy job as well as costly, you need to more careful while selecting the design.

For that, you will have to first know the theme of your kitchen. If you are renovating your kitchen from scratch, getting ideas from expert’s design can be helpful.

You can look for various themes such as a rainforest scene, funky or modern styles or simply a minimalistic white and black concept. It all depends on your preferences. Whether you wish to go for a calming look or you prefer a more vibrant look.

The choice of the kitchen splashbacks would depend entirely on the theme you select. Remember, it’s you who will have to spend the time in your kitchen. So, it’s better to be sure with the theme you finalize.

If you are only adding picture splashbacks in your furnished kitchen, then ask experts to provide you with complimentary choices. They will tell you which designs would suit your interiors better. Nevertheless, the final decision will rest on you.

Knowing the source of pictures

picture splashbacks in Irenland

There are multiple libraries online that provide high-quality images for free. These include UnsplashEnvato ElementsPexels, etc. This is not an exhaustive list. You can find plenty of such websites online.

Also, you can purchase pictures from professional photographers at reasonable rates. When you click on a picture with the copyright symbol, you will reach a payment page listing the details of the photographer and the cost of the picture.

You can follow the check-out process step by step. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation and the best quality resolution picture on your email.

In case you want a personalized picture for your splashbacks, you can hire a professional photographer to click one for you. Or if you know how to capture stunning photographs from your camera, then that’s a bonus.

Remember, the quality of the picture needs to be very high. Otherwise, the pixels may burst by increasing the size of the image.

Don’t click the picture with a mobile. The experts don’t recommend it and neither do splashback companies.

Checking the quality of pictures

Panoramic black and wooden kitchen interior with dark gray countertops. 3d rendering mock up close up

Image resolution is the defining aspect of printed glass splashbacks. You can’t undermine the importance of high-quality graphics. That’s the difference between premium and low-grade picture splashbacks.

Lower quality images may look fine on your mobile or laptop. However, the quality drops substantially on scaling the picture. Usually, the kitchen splashbacks are up to 2-3 meters in length, and a low-quality picture may pixelate and give a blurry look.

There are two ways to measure the quality of a picture, the size and the resolution. Experts consider files larger than 1.5 MB to be of superior quality. Any file less than 1 MB is of lower quality. High-resolution pictures are at least 300 pixels per inch.

Looking for Creative ideas

Panoramic black and wooden kitchen interior with dark gray countertops. 3d rendering mock up close up

Though trusting your instincts can provide you with unique ideas, getting professional help always helps. The printed splashbacks companies have professional designers who have years of experience and expertise. They provide you plenty of makeover ideas for your kitchen.

They will tell you what’s the best combination for your kitchen. Also, they will guide you in selecting the best picture that suits your preferences.

You don’t have to worry about the size and aspect ratio. They will take care of it. Also, they would provide a mock-up so that you can get an idea of what the final output would look like.

If you have finalized a picture before, then share it with your designer. They will inspect its quality and even improve it if necessary.

For more ideas, you can visit SHUTTERSTOCK database.

Choosing the right orientation


Do remember to match the aspect ratio of your picture to that of your printed splashbacks dimensions. A mismatch can give a distorted look. Your picture may look stretched out or compressed. Also, check whether your picture is in landscape or portrait form.

Adjusting a different picture orientation on printed glass splashbacks can prove to be disastrous. You may lose a major part of your picture in the process.

If your picture is slightly different from your splashback measurement, then you can crop portions that are not important. But remember, this is only possible for small variations.

Submitting your picture

You will have to ask the provider for their preferred format. Most of the printed splashbacks companies are comfortable if you email them. In case the picture size is larger than 25 MB, which is the cut-off limit for emails, you can upload it on your google drive and share it with the company.

Another option is providing the picture on a USB drive. However, that would require a personal visit to the company office. Also, there are chances that your drive may catch a virus. The easiest and the safest option is email.

Estimating the cost of picture splashbacks in Ireland

Knowing the cost of installing kitchen splashbacks is very important. Especially, when you are opting for custom made ones, the rates would be different. Maybe slightly higher than the usual ones.

As an approximate estimation, square feet of picture splashbacks would cost you around 1000 US Dollars. As the stakes are high, try to get an expert on board with years of experience.

Many companies may offer you picture splashbacks at a lower cost. However, installing high-quality kitchen splashbacks would always pay dividends in the long run.

Firstly, the material of a high-quality splashback would be more robust and may last for years.

Secondly, the quality of the picture would be good. Experts prefer high-resolution pictures with large printed splashbacks. As the picture enlarges, the pixels don’t blur and the quality is very sharp.

Get picture splashbacks in Ireland Splashbacks


We, at Dublin Splashbacks, value your choice and help you get the right combination for your picture splashbacks in Irenland. You can select images from our large database, or you can upload a picture of your choice. We provide you with the best quality images at reasonable rates.

For designing and installing the best picture splashbacks in Ireland Dublin , get in touch with us today!

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