Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks – Top kitchen makeover ideas

Are you planning to renovate your interiors with creative kitchen splashbacks? For that, you need to know how much it will cost to install kitchen splashbacks. You can find various types of kitchen splashbacks and get them installed as per your interiors. Best option is to go for customised kitchen splashbacks. Here we have plenty of ideas for you to consider.

Black glass splashbacks

Looking for splashback ideas for white and grey kitchen? If you have glossy white materials in your kitchen including your cabinet and utensils, then opting for a black glass splashback is the right choice. Black color makes your kitchen look stark and modern. In short, it is the best colour splashback for white kitchen.

Printed splashbacks

sparkle glass splashbacks Printed splashbacks can renovate your kitchen with vibrant colours of your choice. The picture splashback with high quality printed designs is resistant to fading as the printing is done by advanced UV technology. If you want look for ideas for picture splashbacks in Irenland, you can select any design from SHUTTERSTOCK database.

Chalkboard splashbacks

Do you want a multipurpose splashback? Well, here is the chalkboard version. It’s highly customizable as you can draw anything on it with a chalk. You can write your grocery list or your work schedule if you have a habit forgetting things.

Copper splashbacks

You may have heard of copper utensils and sinks, but copper splashback is relatively new idea. Copper splashback is highly durable and long lasting. It’s fairly easy to clean and has antimicrobial properties. This makes it a perfect buy for those who are highly considerate about cleanliness.

Metallic paint splashbacks

Metallic paint splashbacks are formed by spraying a solid paint mixed with powdered metal on the surface of glass splashbacks. You can add the color and type of metal as per your choice. These splashbacks are not expensive and can make a huge difference to your glass splashbacks.

Mirrored kitchen splashbacks

Mirrored kitchen splashbacks work best for small kitchens. They make your kitchen look larger by the reflection. Also, they reflect ambience light which further brightens up your kitchen. However, make sure that the mirror material is of high quality. If it fades, it will ruin the entire look.

Mirror stripes splashbacks

Mirror stripes splashbacks give a modern retro look to your kitchen. The minimalist appeal of these splashbacks compliment your kitchen interiors including handles, taps, utensils, etc. These splashbacks are customizable as per your choice. You can select the thickness and the colour of the stripes.

Marble kitchen splashbacks

The marble texture adds a luxury look and feel to your kitchen. Also, its quite sturdy because of its material. However, the marble surface is prone to stains and therefore, you need to regularly clean them.

Crystal stone splashbacks

Crystal stone splashbacks are a category of glass splashbacks which provide natural stone images. These designs are inspired by natural beauty of crystal stones.  Installing crystal stone splashabacks would enhance your kitchen interiors to make it look more natural and pleasing to eyes.

Ideas for cooker splashbacks

Cooker splashbacks


If you want a modern finish to your kitchen, then acrylic cooker splashback is the answer. Though it has a plastic finish, but it perfectly compliments white themed kitchens. These splashbacks are very sleek and are easy to clean.

Clear glass

Kitchen with glass splashback looks amazing. Clear glass splashbacks are the new trend. You can write a message on it with dry eraser market. Shopping list, work to do and reminders, all of them can be written on it. However, don’t try to install it on your own. The glass is usually fragile and may break if not handled properly. Contact a professional do install it. They know how to fit a glass splashback in a kitchenAlso, you need to learn how to clean glass splashback in kitchen as you will have to do it on a regular basis.

Are sparkle glass splashbacks good for your kitchen?

While designing your kitchen interiors, everyone wants kitchen splashbacks that perfectly complements the overall theme. However, you don’t always play safe. There is a thrill in trying something new. You could try sparkle glass splashbacks for instance. They add an unusual finish to your theme by elevating the colors to a new perspective. Considering their metallic finish, sparkle splashback would transform your interiors by adding extra radiance.

How sparkle splashback finish is made?

Sparkle glass splashbacks get their glitter look by spraying a mixture of glitter and resin before applying the colour. It provides a sparkling appearance to glitter splashback adds a fabulous touch to your kitchen. The sparkle effect can be added to any colour and texture. Also, glitter splashback comes in multiple shades and colors and therefore, you have plenty of options to select from.

Top reasons to use stainless steel splashbacks

Choosing the right splashback for your kitchen is essential to give it a splendid look. For instance, to get a natural effect, you may install rock splashbacks. They add earthiness to the overall look. Similarly, for a neat and shiny look, you can consider installing stainless steel splashbacks. Let’s look at some of the reasons for their installation:

Reasonable prices

Stainless steel splashbacks give a modern look and feel to your kitchen at a reasonable rate. Though, at first sight they may look expensive because of their finish, practically, they are much cheaper as compared to other materials.

Highly durable

If you want your splashback to be long lasting, then stainless steel splashbacks are the best option. Their high resistance to molds makes them highly durable. In addition, their metallic appearance is a bonus for the user.

Easy installation

Stainless steel splashbacks are lighter in weight and it isn’t difficult for the service person to install them. Also, as the entire body is made up of steel, cracking or chipping off isn’t a concern.

Stain free

The surface of stainless steel splashbacks is clean and therefore, it’s easier to identify stains. Also, the surface doesn’t allow the stain to stay. You can easily wipe it off by a cloth dipped in warm water.

Modern look

Stainless steel splashbacks goes well with your other appliances including fridge and microwave. It adds a metallic beauty to your kitchen aesthetics. If you are fond of modern designs, then they are the best option for you.

Light absorbent

Stainless steel splashbacks absorb and reflect lights making your kitchen look bigger than its actual size. It gives a stylish and modern look to your kitchen by creating a stunning illusion.

Renovate your kitchen from Dublin Splashbacks

Looking for more ideas on creative kitchen splashbacks? Dublin Splashbacks provides beautiful kitchen splashbacks with plenty of options in printed kitchen splashbackssparkle glass splashbacks, picture splashback, glitter splashback, sparkle splashback, etc. You can also get kitchen splashback colour ideas from our color guide. Call +353 852 756153 or email us on today for more contemporary kitchen splashback ideas! Also, if you wish to buy kitchen splashback and wish to know how much do glass kitchen splashbacks cost, get in touch with us. We will provide you custom kitchen splashback designs as per your requirements.

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