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Our range of mirror splashbacks are all hand  made from toughened glass , so they are heat resistant meaning  they can be fitted behind any type of kitchen hob and will not crack.

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Mirror Splashbacks for kitchen

Mirror splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. People are turning to contemporary designs and looking for new ways to express themselves. When it comes to complementing the kitchen interiors, mirror splashbacks give a lot of options. They’ll work in practically any kitchen, whether it’s tiny or enormous, light or gloomy. Mirror splashbacks also don’t detract from your kitchen’s current motif because they are merely reflective. Another reason mirror splashbacks are an excellent choice for your kitchen is that they make the room appear larger. They liven up your kitchen by simply reflecting the light that falls on them. Also, they give an illusion of a vast space that is very pleasing to the eyes.

Mirror splashbacks for cooker

When installing the mirror splashbacks behind the stove, we must consider both aesthetic and functional considerations. The first factor to examine is heat resistance. The mirror splashbacks are constructed of toughened glass with a thickness of 6mm and can resist temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Don’t go for a less expensive glass since it may fracture with time.

Why mirror splashback kitchen?

Mirror splashback kitchen not only looks bright and shiny, but also spacious. The reflection from the mirror creates an illusion that makes your kitchen looks larger. Also, since the mirror does not have any colour of its own, it does not alter the theme of your mirror splashback kitchen. The best part it, they are relatively cheap as compared to other material. However, make sure that the glass used for mirror splashback kitchen is toughened. It increases the durability of the splashbacks which in necessary in heavy duty kitchens. Also, toughened mirrors are resistant to scratches keeping the shine clean for a long time.

Advantages of mirror splashback kitchen

If you are considering to install mirror splashback in your kitchen, then read out the following advantages of using one!

1. Intensify the light

As the mirror reflects the light that falls on the surface, your kitchen brightens. Even if you kitchen does not receive adequate daylight, it can still look illuminated

2. Easy to clean

The mirror material is easy to clean and does not fade with time. All you need is a clean cloth dipped in water. You simply have to rub it gently on the surface and the stain will go away. However, make sure that you do not leave it to dry for long. If the stain stays for a longer period of time, it can damage the mirror surface. Another option is to opt for smoked mirror splashbacks. Their vintage appearance adds a new dimention to your kitchen and they require less maintenance as compared to regular ones. The dust on the smoked mirror splashbacks merges with the vintage look and result in a more natural appearance.

3. Enhance the space

Though it’s an illusion, but it’s feels great as the mirror splashback kitchen looks much bigger. The reflection of your kitchen gives an impression of added space behind the mirror.

Mirror splashback – Ideas and tips

You don’t have to confine mirrors in the bathroom. Modern kitchens too can have mirrors splashback to add a shiny look to the ambience. Usually the kitchen sizes are not big and you may feel cramped while cooking. Installing a mirror splashback will make your kitchen look spacious as it makes an illusion through reflection.

The material for mirror splashback is made from toughened glass and therefore, you don’t have worry about it’s breakage. The toughened glass can withstand high temperatures and resist impacts and scratches.

The mirror splashback is easy to clean as they don’t have any grout lines. All you need is a soft cloth dipped in water or a cleaning agent. Gently rubbing it on the surface will remove all the dust.

Also, unlike stainless steel splashbacks, the mirror surface does not catch fingerprints. The best part about mirror splashbacks is that they are never out of fashion. There may be slight additions like printed borders, but the style will remain the same.

Mirror splashbacks are the popular choice!

With people moving towards modern style of kitchen, mirror splashbacks and their variants including smoked mirror splashbacks are the trending choice. They can be accommodated in all kitchen styles, sizes and interiors.

Want to know more mirror splashbacks, read our FAQs below

Frequent Questions

What are kitchen splashbacks?


Can we use glass splashbacks in a kitchen?

Glass splashbacks are a great addition to your kitchen interiors. They are resistant to heat, impact and scratches, and therefore perfect to use behind your cooktop. They can be easily cut and designed as per your space requirements.


What is the best kitchen splashback?

You can select multiple styles and colors in kitchen splashback. These include mirror splashbacks, sparkle glass splashbacks, crystal stone splashbacks, printed splashbacks, painted splashbacks, and much more. However, the material of kitchen splashbacks must be toughened glass. It is highly durable and resistant.


How to install glass splashback in kitchen?

Start by cleaning the surface of wall. This will remove all the dirt. Then measure the are that needs to be covered and mark its borders. Put the sealant on the marked area and then on the splashback. Install the glass splashback from the bottom ensuring it fits the marked area properly. Wait for the adhesive to dry. Remove the remaining sealant coming out of the splashback edges. Remember, a lot depends on the splashback quality. If you use a cheaper one, it may break during installation.


How to clean kitchen splashback?

Kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean. You can start by applying some warm soapy water. This would remove light stains on the surface. Make sure that you only use soap. Don’t apply an abrasive substance as it may damage your splashback. Also, avoid using bleach or other chemicals as they may permanently discolor the surface. The best option is to use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Also, don’t apply too much force. Press the cloth gently on the surface


How to check the splashback quality before you buy one?

Quality matters the most when you choose kitchen splashbacks. Glass material made out of acrylic has the best splashback quality. Also, it is highly improved by using a polymer as the base material. Countercheck the fabric with your supplier to ensure that you are getting the best splashback quality. Remember, don’t go for a cheaper option. The quality needs to be your top preference.


How much does a glass splashback cost Irenland?

If you buy your glass Splashbacks from us, we’ll give you the best price possible. However, the price can vary based on the size you need and the color option you choose, among other things. But you can expect to pay around £60 for a 60cm glass Splashback in a standard black colour, with a 100cm larger option costing around £70. Always prioritize the splashback quality over the cost. They last longer and are easy to maintain. If you are looking for glass kitchen splashbacks in Irenland, Dublin splashbacks can provide you plenty of options to choose from. We have variety of options in sparkle glass splashbacks, picture splashbacks, painted splashbacks, glitter splashbacks and much more at reasonable prices.


Do glass splashbacks need to be toughened?

Toughened glass splashbacks are highly durable and heat resistant. Toughened glass enhances splashback quality. They are the ideal choice to install behind your heat stove. It protects your wall from water, grease and oil splashes. Also, because of its non-porous nature, it won’t allow any bacteria to seep in.


Are glass splashbacks heat resistant?

Glass splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass which can withstand temperatures up to 400 degree Celsius. They can comfortably withstand heat released from your stove.


Are glass splashbacks safe?

Glass splashbacks made of toughed glass are highly safe. As they can sustain intense heat, you don’t have to worry about them cracking. They are highly robust and safe.


What colour can we have the glass painted in Irenland?

If you are looking for painted glass kitchen splashbacks in Irenland, then you have plenty of options. You can get the paint of your choice. You simply have to choose the color from the pallet. Also, you can opt for printed splashbacks or picture splashbacks in Irenland in case you want to put your personalized image at the back of your stove.