How much does it cost to install a kitchen splashback?

Kitchen Splashbacks

How much does it cost to install a kitchen splashback?

The price of Kitchen splashbacks can vary based on the size you need and the color option you choose, among other things.

But you can expect to pay around £60 for a 60cm glass Splashback in a standard black colour, with a 100cm larger option costing around £70.

Installing Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen renovation projects can vary from a small facelift to a full-blown revamp. It can also include changes to the layout. To keep your kitchen looking new and shiny clean for as long as humanly possible, you need to look at installing a Kitchen Splashback, among other things.

Perhaps you can look at work surfaces, laminate flooring, new lighting, or kitchen cabinets. But you cannot overlook one item, as it’s going to save you a lot of cleaning and save your kitchen walls from splashes and mess – a Glass Splashback!

Why Glass splashbacks for kitchen?

Whatever you are planning for your kitchen, a Splashback remains an excellent way to update your kitchen’s design and inject a pop of colour into it.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, a Glass Splashback is fitted above your cooker; it’s made of glass and catches the splashes, which flicks upwards from anything you’re cooking on your hob.

Without a Splashback, you may find that your tiles become dirty very easily, and if you don’t have tiles, you could be looking at ruined wallpaper or paintwork.

For these reasons, a Glass Splashback is a necessity in modern kitchens. Of course, you can choose to have your Splashback made of different materials, but glass is always the best choice as it cleans easily and quickly and is cost-effective too.

Kitchen fitting is a tricky and challenging task that should always be left to the hands of professional fitters. But how much does Splashback installation cost, and what is the average cost of Kitchen Splashback installation in the Irenland?

First, let’s look at why you should go for a glass Splashback for your new kitchen decoration needs.

Can we use glass Splashbacks in a kitchen?

Are you looking for kitchen makeover ideas? Well, glass splashbacks are the perfect solution for your kitchen aesthetics. They compliment your kitchen decor and also protect the wall from stains and damps.

You can select your personalized designs and get them custom made. We provide you with plenty of contemporary kitchen splashback ideas. Wide range of colours and finishes are available for glass spashbacks.

This makes them an attractive option for your kitchen interiors. Sparkle splashbacks are currently trending among the users. They add a stunning look to your kitchen interiors. Read about sparkle splashbacks for more ideas.

Advantages of Glass Splashbacks

Do glass splashbacks crack?

If you are installing toughened glass splashbacks, then be rest assured. These types of glass splashbacks are highly durable and resistant to hits. However, you can still opt for precautionary measures.

Make sure that your glass splashback does not have any pre cuts. Also, be very careful during the installation. While putting the splashback on the wall, maintain the uniformity of adhesive. Also check for any irregularity on the surface of the wall.

Why go for Glass Splashbacks from Dublin Splashbacks?

Glass is still the most common material for splashbacks in Irenland homes. We, at Dublin Splashbacks offer you plenty of reasons to buy one from us.

You can also choose back-painted or even printed glass splashbacks in a huge range of colours to work with the rest of your colour scheme.

We apply paint to the back of the glass, so it’s well-protected. Plus, the surface area becomes easy to clean, with no cracks or grouting that kitchen grease can get stuck in.

If you change your mind and want a different color, you can remove and replace the glass Splashback with another one later on.

For the best colour result, it always pays to check the type of glass you’re using. Clear glass with low iron oxide shows true colour.

While standard glass does no such thing, and it also tends to have a greenish tinge to it.

What we offer?

At Dublin Splashback, we also offer mirrored glass surfaces, which will brighten and lighten up your kitchen space. Before you measure the glass, you also need to make sure all your benchtops and cabinets are in place.

Sometimes glass also requires a joint, depending on the length, and is generally done best in line with a cabinet finish or start point. If the joint is behind the sink, the best place for it is behind the tap.

For creating a real ‘piece of art’ in your kitchen, go for graphic, patterned, or textured glass. At Dublin Splashbacks, we offer Cooker SplashbacksMirror SplashbacksPainted Splashbacks, and Printed Splashbacks, among other things.

You can get all these Splashbacks in any glass you want.

Kitchen makeover from Dublin Splashbacks

Planning on New Kitchen Splashbacks? The good news is that you are spoil for choice, with a wide range of Splashback materials available at Dublin Splashbacks. We have designed to suit every kitchen and any budget.

We tend to spend a lot of time at home in the kitchen. So, it’s no surprise that this room is amongst the most popular renovation areas of houses in Dublin and across the Irenland.

Kitchen makeovers bring together a whole host of different products and materials. It includes flooring and cabinetry to kitchen appliances and, of course, Kitchen Splashbacks.

If you buy your Kitchen Splashbacks from us, we’ll give you the best price possible.

Contact us if you’re thinking about renovating your Kitchen

In case you need to discuss your kitchen renovation project and ideas & opinions related to it, please contact us today. If you want us to provide you more information about your project, you are welcome to do that as well.

We’ll give you some recommendations on contemporary kitchen splashback ideas according to your style, tastes, and preferences and quickly install your creative kitchen splashbacks for you.Irenland

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