sparkle glass splashbacks

Why Sparkle glass splashbacks are the best option for your kitchen?

Sparkle glass splashbacks are the answer to your kitchen aesthetics. To add a vibrant look, you can consider sparkle splashback for kitchen. Sparkle splashback comes in various colors and designs.

You can select the ones matching your kitchen décor.

Sparkle splashback is available in multiple options including gold, silver and rainbow.

Glitter sparkle glass splashbacks enhance your kitchen’s look as they shine under the lights. They go along well with traditional as well as LED lights.

Advantages of using toughened glass for sparkle glass splashbacks

sparkle glass splashbacks

Toughened glass is highly durable and heat resistant. They are the ideal choice to install behind your heat stove. It protects your wall from water, grease and oil splashes.

Also, because of its non-porous nature, it won’t allow any bacteria to seep in.

Also, as the base material is made of glass, sparkle splashback is very hygienic. These splashbacks are easy to clean and wipe with a cloth.

Their low maintenance makes them attractive buy for your kitchen. Glass kitchen, in comparison to traditional models looks more aesthetic. It gives a complete make over to your boring interiors.

Want to know about how much splashback cost. Well, you can find plenty of reasons to buy them. Though they are slightly expensive than titles, but their long life makes them cost effective in the long run.

How to install glass splashbacks?

sparkle glass splashbacks

Here are 5 steps to install glass splashbacks

Prepare the surface

Carefully examine your kitchen wall for any cracks or uneven surface. Also, see if the level is uniform and the surface is dry. It’s recommended to give your wall a clean. Make sure all the dust is removed before putting on the glass.

Measure the surface

You won’t like a titled splashback. That where the initial preparation comes into play. Carefully measure the length of the wall and locate the middle. Centered splashback will look more aesthetic.

Carefully apply silicon sealant

First put a masking tape on the wall before applying the sealant. This would prevent any sealant to stick outside the boundaries. Use a transparent silicon sealant as it will merge with the wall and won’t ruin the look.

Firstly, apply the sealant on the wall at the marked area and then put it on the glass splashback boundaries.

Put the glass correctly

Start from bottom onwards. Match the bottom of your splashback with the sealant line you have marked on the wall. Make sure that the glass perfectly fits the marks.

Then slowly push the glass upwards and press it firmly against the wall.

Wait till the silicon dries up

Leave the splashback to dry for at-least 24 hours to let the sealant stick perfectly. This will ensure that the sealant dries up and the splashback is secured.

Get sparkle glass splashbacks in Irenland from Dublin Splashbacks

sparkle glass splashbacks

Looking for glitter glass splashbacks in Irenland? We, at Dublin Splashbacks provide you with variety of kitchen makeover ideas.

Our range include kitchen splashbacks with silver sparkle, cooker splashbackmirror splashbackpainted glass splashbacks, toughened glass splashbacks, sparkle glass splashbacks, printed splashbacks, sparkle acrylic splashback, etc.

Features of our sparkle glass splashbacks

In our sparkle section we have multiple colors available for glitter splashback. They are made using 6mm toughened glass which adds durability and strength.

They can bear sever impacts and can withstand temperatures up to 400°C. It’s easy to maintain them. You can use any chemical to clean the surface.

Why buy glass splashbacks from us?

Black and white minimalist kitchen set, table with appliances and stove. Modern new kitchen on parquet floor, 3D rendering no people

Long lasting

We provide splashbacks with highest technology UV print. This prevents the glass from fading and maintaining its shine over the years.

Extremely strong

We use 6mm toughened glass to make our splashbacks. As a result, they are stronger than granite and highly resistant to heat. This makes them suitable to use for gas cooking appliances.

Their color and coating do not crack or fade at high temperatures.

Easy to clean

Our splashbacks don’t have any grout line which makes it easier to clean them. Moreover, as their surface is very smooth, it’s cleaning does not take much time.

Thousands of designs

You can choose your own style, design and color from our extensive range of coloured glass splashback. We help you get the perfect look and feel. Whether it is blue sparkle splashback, silver sparkle splashback or any other color and design, we have all of them.

We help you get your personalized prints on the splashbacks like natural landscapes, family portraits or any abstract art. You can choose any picture from our graphic database. You can also check out wide range of plain colors as well.

Outstanding service quality

Don’t worry about the measurements. We offer you full measuring and fitting services. We have a strong network of fitters and offer you comprehensive service for your kitchen splashbacks.

Great experience

We strive to provide the best experience to our customers. We can help you get the best combination for your kitchen from our countless design concepts. Our splashbacks are the perfect alternative to tiles with no grout lines, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Our team will help you get the best colour for your kitchen splashbacks

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