Long horizontal lines can visually expand space, making rooms appear wider or longer. By combining horizontal lines, mirror and colour our Mirror Stripe Splashbacks create a modern retro design that will be a conversation point at many parties to come. The design compliments the minimalistic streamline designs of german-style kitchens and compliments chrome and brushed silver elements like the socket plates, handles, taps etc.


  • Heat resistant to 400 degrees centigrade
  • At least four times stronger than annealed glass
  • Safe – complies
  • Custom Fit and Made to Measure
  • Easy to Clean
  • More Hygienic and Grout and Tiles
  • Increases the brightness in the room by reflecting light
  • An eye-catching, captivating look

Customise your Splashback

The design is fully customisable with your choice of mirror tint, backing colour, and number a thickness or stripes.