A metallic finish to your glass kitchen or bathroom splashback really is a sight to behold. Much like your car, a metallic finish is a sought after addition. It offers a much improved slant of a solid colour that almost sparkles with character.

Most items you buy from a car to a glass splashback will have a solid colour at no extra cost. The most common options are white, red, blue or black, and the chances are that the paint colour will not add to the cost of your chosen purchase.

Metallic paints are effectively the same as solid paints, only with a small quantity of powdered metal added. The size and type of metal added varies depending on manufacturer choices, but it is commonly about 1 part in 50 of aluminium powder.

Although not much more expensive to produce and would not make a great deal of difference to the price when applied to a glass splashback.

The metal particles in the paint pick up and reflect more light that the solid paint colours, giving your glass splashback a far more appealing shine than it would with solid colours.

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Metallic Splashbacks