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Glass Splashbacks Ireland

Glass splashbacks have become increasingly popular as a stylish and functional addition to kitchens and bathrooms. Let’s explore why they can be a great alternative to traditional tiles:

Mirror Splashbacks

View the handmade range. Latest Splashback Installation. Installations, Glass Shaping and Layout Configurations. Installation service. Our Antique Mirror Splashbacks can be toughened and are perfect for use in kitchens or bathrooms. We make and supply bespoke antique mirror kitchen splashbacks.

Toughened Mirror Splashbacks

Toughened Mirror Kitchen Glass Splashbacks create a modern and elegant finish to any kitchen. All of our toughened mirrors are heat resistant making them ideal to use behind a direct heat source such as a gas hob. They also have the following features: Made from toughened safety glass.

mirrored splashback, also known as a mirror backsplash, is a design element commonly used in kitchens. It is positioned behind the countertop, sink, or stove areas and is made of mirror pieces or panels. The primary purpose of a mirrored splashback is to protect the wall from splashes and stains that can occur during cooking or cleaning. Here are some key points about mirrored splashbacks:

Enhanced Brightness and Space: Mirrors instantly add height and size to kitchens, making them feel more spacious and open. They reflect light, creating a sense of brightness and airiness in the room.Reflecting Views: A mirror splashback is especially effective when it can reflect a beautiful view. For instance, if your kitchen has a scenic outdoor area, positioning the mirror to capture that view...

Bronze Mirror Splashback Glass

Bonze Mirror splashback glass is 6 mm heat resistant mirror custom made Manufacturing and installation splashback glass in Dublin and 50 miles around radius . Bronze Mirror splashback glass manufacturing time is 6 weeks as its toughtened glass