Our Toughened Mirrors –  Antique Mirror Splashbacks are vintage style mirrors, recognisable by their beautifully distinctive distressed look. They manage to look antique and modern at the same time, making them suitable for modern, country and rustic style kitchens. They add an extra touch of customisation to our plain toughened mirror splashbacks. Our custom designed antique mirrors are available in a large variety of antiquing patterns, densities and colour hues, meaning you’ll achieve the perfect look made especially for your kitchen.

High standards of quality and safety is imperative to us.

Not only do they look amazing, but our vintage style mirrors are also toughened, making them heat and impact resistant, suitable for kitchen splashbacks. Mirror –  Antique Mirror Splashback are derived from popular range of Toughened Mirror Splashbacks and therefore manufactured to proven high standards. Antique mirrors are also available as stunning Feature Mirror Walls.

When mirrored glass is being used as a kitchen splashback it is crucial that toughened glass is used, to prevent the mirror from cracking under heat from the stove or an intricate cut around sockets.

A toughened mirror splashbacks are special because not only do they look striking, but they also require carefully skilled and expert production process. Unlike standard mirrors, Toughened Mirror Splashbacks are made from low iron toughened glass. This is imperative for safety – both in the home and in a commercial environment.


  • Heat resistant to 400 degrees centigrade
  • At least four times stronger than annealed glass
  • Custom Fit and Made to Measure
  • Easy to Clean If you have any worries about keeping your glass splashback clean, read our tips and tricks on how to keep a glass splashback clean here.
  • More Hygienic Than Grout and Tiles
  • Increases the brightness in the room by reflecting light
  • An eye-catching, captivating look